Terms and Condition

The CRYPTO BOMBER Platform, accessible through the Internet by the website ("Platform"),

is owned and managed by the CRYPTO BOMBER igital Ecosystem.

By accessing and/or using our Platform, interact with systems developed by CRYPTO BOMBER,

send a text, photo or video or in any other way transmit information or data

to the Platform, or register as a user, you agree, fully and definitively

to all the terms, clauses and conditions of these Terms. CRYPTO BOMBER , as the owner and

responsible for administering the Platform, requests that, before expressing

agreement, you should read these Terms and the ICO Whitepaper(accessible through Whitepaper

carefully. If you have any questions, please

contact us through the channels indicated at the end of these Terms to clarify all your

questions before using the Platform and participating in the ICO.

These Terms do not apply to the websites of third parties and/or to services and products

provided by third parties, even if they are connected to our Platform, advertised or

or advertised on the Platform, or that have been accessed, in any way, through the


CRYPTO BOMBER reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time to reflect changes

the Platform, CRYPTO BOMBER services, CRYPTO BOMBER policies and business practices, technological

technological advances, changes in legislation and/or good business practices. If CRYPTO BOMBER changes these

CRYPTO BOMBER , an updated version will reflect such changes and will be made available. CRYPTO BOMBER agrees to

agrees to notify you of any and all changes to these Terms.

1. Our Services

1.1 Parties to these Terms are CRYPTO BOMBER and the user of the Platform ("User"), which, for the purposes of these

purposes of these Terms, is the natural person identified when filling out the information

information necessary to register on the Platform, data which are personal and non

and are presumed to be true for all intents and purposes of law, and the User is exclusively and

User is solely and directly liable for their veracity. The User shall be responsible for

protecting the access data of his account ("Account"), including, but not limited to, his login

login and password. You shall be solely responsible for disclosing your access data to any third party.

data to third parties.

1.2 The Platform consists of a set of solutions developed and operated by

CRYPTO BOMBERand made available to Users through the technology called blockchain, 

specifically solutions associated with the segment of cryptocurrencies, providing means to

enable the acquisition of the CRYPTO BOMBER token in the ICO.


2.1. The User, by choosing to acquire the CRYPTO BOMBER token, will obtain the right to enjoy the benefits

benefits developed and offered on the Platform, duly explained in the Whitepaper.

CRYPTO BOMBER tokens may only be purchased during the ICO phase, as disclosed in

disclosed in previous campaign and detailed in the Whitepaper.

2.2. The User hereby acknowledges and agrees that, by joining the Platform and participating

the ICO, you will be participating in a high-risk operation, which may result in losses on the amount

amount spent. No information provided in the Whitepaper or in these Terms shall be

interpreted as being investment advice and/or a guarantee of return or profitability.

profitability. CRYPTO BOMBER does not warrant in any way that participation in the ICO and the

option to buy and sell CRYPTO BOMBER tokens will result in any positive return on the amount

amount spent, the Platform serves only as a facilitator for Users to learn about and participate in

users to learn about and participate in the ICO and purchase CRYPTO BOMBER tokens.

2.3 Thus, Users, in their capacity as participants in the ICO, must assume full

responsibility and accept all the risks inherent in the acquisition of a token. By

participate in the ICO, the User declares and warrants that he or she has technical and practical knowledge of the

cryptocurrency segment, as well as the systems and services associated with

blockchain technology and is aware of the risks associated with this type of product.

2.4 As detailed in the Whitepaper, the User's participation in the ICO and the acquisition of the

CRYPTO BOMBER token shall not be construed as an investment in securities, so that, after

so that, after acquisition, the amounts spent cannot be refunded. Likewise, the CRYPTO BOMBER

likewise, the CRYPTO BOMBER token does not entitle the holder to any participation or voting rights in

meetings of CRYPTO BOMBER or any other company of its economic group and does not guarantee

any right to participate in profits, compensation or bonuses of any nature of

CRYPTO BOMBER or, further, any right or influence over the organization and governance of CRYPTO BOMBER .

2.5. The User acknowledges and agrees that, although CRYPTO BOMBER does its best to post on the

the latest content on the Platform, the accuracy, effectiveness or adequacy of any information

information contained in the Platform is not guaranteed. In the case of an ICO, the User

acknowledges and agrees that the Platform is under constant development and that, in light of

advances in the segment, CRYPTO BOMBER may, for reasons beyond its control, be unable to develop all the services and

develop all the services and tools it intends to make available on the Platform.

3. Intellectual Property

3.1. The Platform and any other information, documents, images and software

published by CRYPTO BOMBER on the Platform ("CRYPTO BOMBER Information") are the exclusive property

of CRYPTO BOMBER , of companies related to CRYPTO BOMBER , or have been duly licensed to CRYPTO BOMBER .

You may not use or reproduce, commercially or otherwise, any of the Information

CRYPTO BOMBER without prior express written consent of CRYPTO BOMBER and/or its owners. No

no license or right is granted, express or implied, to any person, with respect to any copyright, trademark 

copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right of CRYPTO BOMBER and / or third parties

to the User.

4. Disclaimer of Liability

4.1. CRYPTO BOMBER does not guarantee that the Platform, CRYPTO BOMBER Information or access to the Account

free of errors and/or that the Platform, CRYPTO BOMBER Information and access to the Account are available

available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CRYPTO BOMBER reserves the right to make

the Platform, the CRYPTO BOMBER Information and access to the Account unavailable for the period of time

necessary for maintenance, error correction and/or implementation of improvements. CRYPTO BOMBER 

has no obligation to provide support or maintenance services for the Platform. From

Anyway, we will always work to keep the Platform functional so that Users can enjoy all

functionality and will do our best to ensure the best possible level of service to all Users.

level of service possible for all Users in the most pleasant manner possible.

4.2. CRYPTO BOMBER will not, under any circumstances, be liable for any damages, of any

type or nature, to the User or third parties, including, without limitation, any indirect

indirect, moral or lost profits, caused by or related to the existence, use of the Platform

Platform and / or information CRYPTO BOMBER.

5. General Provisions

5.1. The User acknowledges and agrees that the CRYPTO BOMBER token is a token classified as

token and, therefore, is not subject to the regulations of the Central Bank . 5.3. 

5.3 If any of the above provisions are held to be invalid, void or unenforceable, the

the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

5.5 If the User wishes to contact CRYPTO BOMBER to clarify any questions or make a request

request in accordance with these Terms, the User shall contact CRYPTO BOMBER 

through the tools available on the Platform or by sending an email to the address

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